About Us

I founded Dae Beaute out of my passion for crafting hair and skin care products that cater to my own needs. The motivation behind it was not only the joy of creating, but also the desire to ensure that the ingredients used align precisely with what's listed on the label. Dealing with persistently dry and brittle hair has always been a personal struggle, fueling my natural inclination towards products that address these concerns.

As a woman embracing her natural hair, I understand the challenges of finding products that truly complement your hair type. This realization led me to venture into creating my own solutions. Recognizing that many women share similar hair-related struggles, establishing this business felt like a logical next step.

Today, our product range has expanded to benefit those dealing with dry skin, eczema, and hair loss. Our mission is simple—to empower you to feel beautiful both inside and out. At Dae Beaute, authenticity in ingredients and a commitment to addressing diverse beauty needs remain at the core of what we do.
Owner - Jasmine Quintette